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Post Graduate Institute of Medical Education and Research (PGIMER)

Post Graduate Institute of Medical Education and Research (PGIMER) established in 1962, was declared as an “Institute of National Importance” by an act 1st of parliament on 1 April 1967 when the administrative control was passed on to an autonomous body. The Institute endeavors to provide the best health care, teaching, and research facilities in all branches of medicine, surgery, and public health. As a premiere national institute, PGIMER plays a leading role in the advancement of health care in the country. In early 1970s the vital issues of health care delivery and re-orientation of medical education received due attention. Therefore, in 1975, a rural health project was started at Naraingarh in collaboration with Haryana Health Services. It thus marked the beginning of public health in the institute.

Community Medicine Department

Community Medicine Department was formally founded in 1977 with the dual purpose of evolving a feasible pattern of health care delivery to the rural people and for providing community health orientation to the resident doctors of the institute. MD programme in Community Medicine was started on 1 July 1996. In 2004, School of Public Health was established for effectively meeting the public health needs of the country.

School of Public Health

School of Public Health aims to conduct postgraduate teaching programmes and short term training courses in various fields of public health for national health programme managers, to provide consultancy services to state and central health services on public health matters, and to carry out research by setting up model public health projects keeping in view national health policy guidelines and vision of health for all in 21 century.


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